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Do you like to break stuff? Are you passionate about changing the world through cybersecurity? Do you want to be part of something bigger than yourself? And does your skillset fit into one of the roles below? If so, then please email [email protected].

Working at Alpha Defense

Work from remote, or take advantage of one of Alpha Defense’s Massachusetts offices.

The Boxborough, MA office is located in a newly-renovated corporate center. Featuring a gym, break room, and meeting rooms, the Boxborough office provides a professional setting with fresh, inspirational decor and backdrops for videoconferencing and in-person client meetings.

The Devens, MA office is located on historical Fort Devens in the same building as the Fort Devens Museum. This office is Lab- and collaboration-oriented, and is home to Alpha Defense’s Capture the Flag and community events. A renovated break room and meeting room are also available at this location.



Big projects mean big data, and big data needs Analysts. The Analyst is responsible for minimizing organizational risk, as well as reducing the impact of security breaches. Help clients with threat detection, and respond to events in client environments. Working closely with Cyber Security Engineers and Project Managers, Analysts assist with finding and eliminating problems before they arise.

Cyber Security Engineer

Work directly with clients that run the gamut from telcos to government, and collaborate with in-house teams to design, develop, test, and implement defense-in-depth processes. Cyber Security Engineers are responsible for consistently integrating capabilities into all existing and new projects while adhering to client technical architecture, standards, security requirements, and guidelines.

Project Manager

Project Managers love the big picture, and oversee multiple security consulting projects from initial planning to completion. The Project Manager will be responsible for creating milestone schedules, resource assignments, status reporting, and financial tracking. Detail-oriented individuals are a must, with the drive to make sure that each project is completed on time and on budget.


Develop a deep understanding of Alpha Defense’s products and services, and be able to thoroughly answer customer questions. Sales team members will be responsible for meeting both individual and team-wide sales goals.

Sales Engineer

Become the face of Alpha Defense, and build services and solutions packages for both current and prospective clients. The Sales Engineer (SE) is a customer-facing, technical sales professional who provides pre-sales support, guidance, and recommendations to clients. Collaborate with management and other engineering teams to develop client, channel partner, and vendor relationships, and help architect solutions custom-tailored to the unique environment of each client.


The cybersecurity landscape is rapidly changing, and software alone can no longer adequately protect against increasingly-sophisticated attacks. A new generation of cybersecurity professionals must be fostered and encouraged in order to keep pace with these evolving threats.

Alpha Defense acknowledges this as part of its core ideology — internships provide an onboarding and inroads for this next generation of cybersecurity professionals, introducing them to real-world cybersecurity challenges and scenarios in a supportive, legal environment.

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