Penetration Testing

Depending on the size of your network, there could be millions of potential resources an attacker could use to gain access to your network and sensitive data. Exploitation of your software, social engineering your employees, and physical vulnerabilities in your facilities are some of the ways an attacker could gain unfettered and persistent access to your data.

Alpha Defense has extensive experience in offensive exploitation techniques, providing us the ability to present you with an attacker-level view of your network and resources, exposing the critical issues an attacker would exploit to obtain access to your data and resources. We strive to present you with relevant and applicable details, ranging from remediation to defense in depth and mitigation measures, all of which can be used to enhance your organization’s security posture.


External Network

We focus on the vectors that could be used to gain internal network access via externally facing services and systems.

Internal Network

Once internal access is gained, we determine ways an attacker would attack internal resources, gain persistence, or elevate privileges.

Social Engineering

In many cases, users present the largest attack surface. By using attacks like spear phishing, we demonstrate how an attacker would focus on targeting your users to gain access or data.