IoT / Embedded Device

For embedded devices, such as medical devices, thorough and skilled security evaluation of devices and related components is essential to the protection of device users and customers. The risk of damage caused by compromised hardware can be significant, making evaluation and protection of such devices crucial.

The Alpha Defense team has a wide breadth of experience working with hardware and embedded devices. Our experience working with hardware from different sectors, ranging from telecommunications equipment to medical devices, allows us to address concerns specific to each customer, while providing practical and useful guidance that protects customers.


Our approach to evaluating embedded devices varies depending upon the device or architecture being tested, and the individual needs of our customer. Typically, we provide customers with recommendations that fall into one of three categories:

Attacker View

In all of our reporting on hardware and embedded devices, we detail key parts of testing in narrative form with photographs, demonstrating the means by which an attacker would focus on reverse engineering and evaluating devices for vulnerabilities.

Defense in Depth

We provide guidance to you for enhancing the security of your device in ways that go beyond vulnerability remediation, offering recommendations for enhancing the overall security stance of the device or architecture.

Vulnerability Discovery

We leverage our extensive experience evaluating hardware and embedded devices to discover vulnerabilities in your device, then document them for remediation.