Incident Planning and Response

Prepare for an incident to occur by outlining policies and procedures to identify when an incident has occurred, along with immediate actions to take for containment and response. Actively responding to a breach for containment, understanding what actions were performed, preventing the same breach in the future, and performing necessary reporting. To discuss how Alpha Defense can build out your incident response policies and help you respond to incidents, please contact us.


On-demand Incident Response

This service is our introductory IR service and consists of no upfront investment, but doesn’t guarantee response time and carries a premium fee compared to our managed IR Services. This could be a good option if you feel that your organization is a low risk target or your available security budget doesn’t allow for our managed IR services.

Managed Incident Response Services

Our managed services are customized around the size of your organization’s network, your internal resources and the risk profile of your industry. This service provides the following benefits over our on demand IR Services:

  • Complimentary assessment of current IR strategy
  • Review of existing detection tools
  • Guaranteed response times
  • Discounted hourly rates

Compromise Assessment

We apply a fusion of incident response, vulnerability assessment, and malware analysis for discovery and prevention of advanced persistent threats (APT). The end result being actionable procedures for prevention of attacks, while simultaneously searching for advanced threats already on your network.

Remote Forensics

We provide solutions for performing forensic engagements remotely, significantly reducing cost and turnaround time for actionable results when compared against traditional forensic engagements.