Alpha Defense has decades of experience in education, healthcare, manufacturing and telecommunications industries. Although these are our specialties, we’re are always eager to work with new clients striving to meet industry standards and regulations

Our services and solutions go beyond assessment, our team will help you determine your cybersecurity goals and create a long-term action plan to accomplish them. If you don’t see your industry below, or would like to talk to us further about your organizations needs, please get in touch.

Agriculture | Construction | Education | Energy | Financial Institutions | Healthcare | Manufacturing | Media and Entertainment | Real Estate | Telecommunications | Transport


We recognize that with the rise of agtech, farmers and organizations are at the forefront for developing their technological needs. Alpha Defense will proudly support your agricultural tech needs no matter your size in order to protect customer information, assist in the implementation of new technology and secure your network through security management.


Alpha Defense understands the vulnerabilities within the construction industry, and we strive to build solutions to secure confidential customer information as well as design data, owner’s plans and specifications. Our services can be utilized to test the security of third-party vendors and applications, as well as on the larger scale to create and manage secure solutions to your unique organizational risks.


For your FERPA and GLBA standards, Alpha Defense can support your institution through encrypting your devices, monitoring your network and integrating tools to protect your personal and financial information from potential cyber-attacks. Alpha Defense can provide HIPAA support to your educational institution with tools to enforce the privacy and security of confidential information. Our systems will not only offer enforcement of applications to support your network, but implement notifications should a cyber-attack occur.


Alpha Defense is prepared to assist your organization for participation in the CRISP through further developing your operational technology environment. We are able to leverage advanced threat analysis and management techniques to better secure your resources and prepare you for C2M2 evaluation.

Financial Institutions

Alpha Defense will help your financial organization safeguard customer information and provide assistance in reaching your GLBA and FCRA standards. Our experience with PCI DSS will support your confidentiality needs, and secure your system and client information. We are able to support your organization’s security needs by a FFIEC assessment framework, or customizing one to meet your individual needs, including: cyber risk governance, management, internal and external dependency management, incidence response and cyber resilience. Alpha Defense will work with your organization and employees to further your awareness of cyber security and create long-term solutions for a proactive cyber strategy.


For your HIPAA requirements, Alpha Defense is able to integrate security applications into your network that will provide privacy and safety to patient and hospital confidential information, as well as training on how to enforce these tools and a step-by-step policy to follow if your systems are breached. We are able to integrate your ISO 27001/ISO 27799 standards through establishing an information security management system and provide training the secure management of confidential data.


Alpha Defense understands the importance of maintaining a sound technology to promote the overall integrity of industrial automation and control systems. We are happy to support our manufacturing clients to meet ISA99 standards in order to promote the safety, dedication to regulations, protection of confidential information and the overall economic prosperity of your organization.

Media and Entertainment

Alpha Defense believes in building strong relationships with our clients and partners, which is why we recognize the importance of implementing cyber security strategies within the Media and Entertainment industry. We are able to provide solutions to secure upcoming releases, social media presence, sensitive employee and client information, as well as provide a proactive way to monitor your network activity.

Real Estate

Alpha Defense is proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers and partners, which is why we see the vital necessity to create proactive solutions for the real estate industry in securing their clientele confidential information. We believe that your organization, from family run real estate to corporate, deserves to serve their community with the most secure and up-to-date services – including those that focus on remote controls within the home or office, and cloud based intelligence within your company.


Alpha Defense is confident that we can support the selection, implementation and management of technological controls within your telecommunications organization, no matter its size. We are experienced in PCI DSS and HIPPA standards, and strive to create the most secure information system for your organization that will reduce your security risk environment and support the integration ISO/IEC 27002 standards. Alpha Defense strives to create the most well-rounded support, where long-term solutions can fulfill any SSAE 16 requirements and further cyber management activity.


Alpha Defense recognizes the importance of high functioning and secure ICSs within the transportation industry. We are able to work with your organization to secure computer-based facilities, systems and equipment used to monitor or control resources, in order get you on track for CSSP compliance. Alpha Defense will help you create and establish cyber security measures to enhance security for your control systems whether they are functioning on land, in the air or sea.